Leonardo Gulli (1993) best known for my handmade capos I have been making and selling on Etsy since 2014. Passionate about woodworking, music and design I have been working hard on creating beautiful guitar accessories made from the same materials as guitars themselves. 

It all started when I moved to the US from Brazil where I spent a lot of time indoors due to the cold weather and as a young 13 year old teenager I had to occupy my time with something and a few things were filmmaking, 3D graphics, graphic design and special effects. I dreamed of working for Pixar in the field of 3D modeling or animation but as the years went by I realized my true passion was making things out of wood.

Later on when I turned 20 I decided I would spend more time woodworking. It was something I always played around with when I was young but I never thought of investing my time in it to actually become a woodworker and one of my first project was archery bows. I tried making several bows in the course of a few months and I was never successful in making one that worked but all the time I had spent figuring out steam bending and wood shaping truly stepped up my game for the things I wanted to do next.

Harps! I always have been fascinated with harps and I absolutely love the sound of a good harp. I really wanted one but being such an exotic instrument it's really hard to find and expensive! Really expensive. So I had the crazy, ambitious idea of making one. The first one was a little of a disaster as it was not planned very well and was really more of an experiment than anything else. I then started to get more serious and I designed something that actually looked like a real Celtic harp and this was a great project for me at the time as I could not believe what I had accomplished. 

Being good at 3D modeling I started to use my 3D skills to design the things I wanted to make and it changed the game of how I get things done till this day. 

The third harp was really when everything changed. I, for the first time, went to a hardwood lumber store where they had really nice dark hardwoods and that was when I started to learn more about beautiful woods and experience what it's like to work with real wood. Sapele was the wood chosen for this harp project and at the time I had no idea what it was and what it would look like once finished. 

I love natural products and I had the idea of searching for natural homemade wood finishes and one that came up was Olive Oil with Beeswax. When I first oiled the harp a whole new world had opened up for me and I understood what a piece of wood is really supposed to look like when given an oil finish. Although not a durable finish, it was a good start.

When that harp was completed I decided I would apply for woodworking positions and I got my first woodworking job at a wooden sunglasses woodshop. It was a great experience that lasted only 2 months but there I met a really interesting individual who gave me many great woodworking tips and he even sent me a craigslist link for a position working at a pipe organ company. 

Surprisingly I got the position there because of this guy and it was truly amazing working for a company that has been around for 100 years or so that makes and maintains organs. I was just an assistant for them but I got the chance to visit many places where they service organs and I even went to Radio City Music Hall where we entered inside of the organ to retrieve a broken piece of the instrument and that was truly a unbelievable experience being inside the organ of Radio City.

I worked there for 3 weeks and after being let go I started to realize it was about time I create something of my own. It was late 2014 and I started to work on this idea that I had in mind for the past 6 months or so of a wooden guitar capo. 


to be continued

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